McAfee Threat Research Lab Reports Rise in the Malware Threats in December 2018

The 2018 McAfee Labs threat report in December showed a high increase in the malware activity.

For those who don’t know, McAfee gives cyber-security related solutions for both the company and its consumers. For business, it ensures to keep its cyber environment complete with total protection and correction of security threats.

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Whereas, for consumers, McAfee builds a productive and robust threat intelligence network. It gathers information on risks from over 300 million points from all over the world.

Here’s what the McAfee Labs Threat Report for December 2019 has to say-

McAfee’s ‘an Advanced Threat Research and Labs’ team from the third quarter of 2018 says- “The notable investigative research and trends in threats statistics and observations gathered.”

The stats from McAfee reports that there is a sharp rise in the malware threats in December 2018.

The official report is divided into nine different categories. Let’s check them out-

  1. Targeted Attacks Motivated by Cyber Espionage
  2. Vulnerabilities Open Door to Shellcode, Privilege Escalation
  3. Underground Forums Boost the Effectiveness of Cybercriminals
  4. Ransomware Families Decline in November
  5. Cryptomining Boom Times Continue
  6. Mobil Threats Fueled by Fake Apps
  7. Exploit Kits Add Support for Vulnerabilities, Ransomware
  8. Threats Statistics
  9.  Banking Trojans Turn to Uncommon File Types

The main topics included in the December McAfee Labs Threat Report are the increase in the secret forums where cybercriminals gather and the rise in crypto mining malware.

The Internet of Things malware has risen by 20% in the third quarter coming to a high of 73 percent.

Cyber-criminals are targeting the routers or IoT devices like video recorders, IP cameras and more as they don’t have a fast CPU and lack security.

McAfee also reported that crypto-criminals threatened the messenger service users including Discord, Telegram, and such other services to attack their PC’s with malicious mining programs.

According to McAfee research, Crypto mining malware has risen to 71% in the third quarter of 2018. These new malicious programs grew up to 203 percent in the past four quarters mainly targeting IoT devices.

The new coin-mining malware has increased up to 55 percent. Sadly, the entire amount of malicious programs grew by 4,467% in the past four quarters.

The main conclusion of the entire report is that the force of cybercriminals is expanding widely.

It is a significant threat to the business and consumers as cyber-crimes using crypto mining malware is on the increase. We have to be very alert and make sure that we have powerful security functions.

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