A New Malware in Mac Can Even Steal Your Credit card Credentials

McAfee activate: Apple developers put in their best efforts to keep the Mac operating system virus free. However, Mac malware does exist. These malware and security threats are a rare case in Macs. Therefore, Macs aren’t completely safe from malware attacks. Unit 42 researchers have recently discovered one of the most dangerous malware called the CookieMiner.

CookeMiner can steal your browser cookies connected with mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges and the wallet service sites you’ve visited. As Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers, the threat actors are targeting on it making it a popular platform.

What does CookieMiner Do?

As discussed above, its main aim is to steal your cookies associated with credit card credentials or such monetary details. It is capable of stealing Google Chrome and Safari browser cookies from your machine and steals some confidential details from Chrome. It includes your password, usernames and credit card details.

It can also steal your text messages that have been backed up to your Mac device from your iPhone.

CookiMiner Attackers can also by-pass multi-factor authentication for these websites as they are capable of stealing browser cookies linked to cryptocurrency exchanges. This way they have full access to the users exchange account or wallet and can even use these funds as they are the user.

CookieMiner can install Coinminer!

CookieMiner attackers install covert coin mining software that can consume your Mac’s system resources. This program is made to look like its mining for Monero but its mining Koto instead. For those who don’t know Koto is a lesser-known cryptocurrency which is associated with Japan.

We suggest all the Cryptocurrency owners keep an eye on their security configuration and digital assets to prevent any loss.

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